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In the Venn diagram of Music and Stand-up Comedy, you know, the uncomfortable convergence point in the middle, sit deVYNEL; Fred SNOW; and MUTLEY - otherwise known as The NUDE Romantics.

Joined by a zany bunch of characters such as DJ Mittens, Doris McSquirter, and the inimitable Chris Tyrant, The NUDE Romantics are unlikely to brighten your day but may add some hope for the future of mankind.

Sometimes bizarre, always incomprehensible, and never funny, The NUDE Romantics comedy trio wend their musical stand-up way into your life through the mediums of online radio and live shows. Check the Transmission Dates for details of the FREE internet radio shows or Live Shows for how to catch them LIVE!


Unless stated as ALL AGES, all shows are OVER 18 and venue may operate a Challenge 25 policy

No upcoming events at the moment


Dress Code

Live events, unless specified, carry a dress-code of as innocent or as decadent as you like.

For Broadcast Events, underwear is optional.


To BOOK or CONTACT The Nude Romantics, use the CONTACT US form or email BOOK@GETTINGDARK.CO.UK


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The Nude Romantics